I had a lot of artistic influence around me from when I was very small, my father was a highly proficient water colour artist and my favourite uncle owned his own photographic business so I guess the writing was on the wall that I would end up falling into something like photography later in life. I was certainly interested in art at school, studying it up to ‘A’ Level, and despite maintaining an interest for many years after that it took me until my late thirties to fall completely into landscape photography.

Although I studied the wonderful work of classic artists like William Turner, Claude Monet and John Constable while I was younger, my earliest inspiration for landscape photography really grew from watching the incredible natural history films narrated by Sir David Attenborough…

I’ve spent my childhood and indeed later years completely spellbound by his obvious love of our planet – there is just something so compelling about the way Attenborough’s passion comes over that inspired me to be out there and connect with the environment in some way.  He has the ability to take us to a world most of us will never see at first hand, there is something of a touch of genius about him in that regard and in my own small way I hope to inspire others to join with this celebration of mother earth.

“The sum of landscape photography is more than taking pictures, it’s about showing people how you connect yourself to the earth.”

As long as I can remember I’ve had an obsession for photographing our landscape but hopefully not entirely in the way as you might ordinarily find. My vision is pretty simple, it’s all about the art of the landscape, that is to say I often try to work with and manipulate different photographic approaches and techniques to craft a more artistic, ethereal image beyond recording a documentary version of a scene. It’s not art for art’s sake though, I’m as happy depicting and capturing the beauty of the land as it is but in my view there’s far too much fakery these days in landscape photography so I’m equally drawn to a more natural, realistic muted colour palette and let the light and land speak for itself in my photography.

“When I’m photographing the landscape I’m always waiting for a piece of my soul to be reflected back at me – those are the moments I’m trying to capture.”

But there’s another level to this art beyond technique and composition… For me, the sum of landscape photography is more than taking pictures, it’s about showing people how you connect yourself to the earth. This is an important point because if photography doesn’t reflect who you are beyond what you’re looking at then it all feels incredibly hollow and somewhat pointless to me. Hopefully something of my DNA and the way I look at the world translates from the sort of photographs you will find here.

When I’m photographing the landscape I’m always waiting for a piece of my soul to be reflected back at me – those are the moments I’m trying to capture. To this end, I will spend time served in peaceful English woodland at dawn, seek out the feel of the rolling Cotswold countryside or take in the brutal elements and drama of our jagged coastline. I love that sense adventure and take a huge amount from the whole creative process.

I’ve long lost the need to travel hundreds of miles to capture images others have already done. Yes, you will probably recognise some locations from the photographs on this website, that’s almost inevitable, but these days I’m equally happy standing over a pond I’ve come to enjoy which is only a few hundred yards from my front door. It’s amazing what’s possible from a few trees and reflections in a pool of water when you use something like Infrared to work with the scene. With my Backwater series I’ve become compelled to make images like this, I love getting lost amongst the leaves, highlights and the imagination of it all, something I hope the viewer can feel too.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit my corner of the web. If you’d like to know more about any of the images here or to obtain a print, please drop me a line via the contact page.

Brecon Beacons 2015 – Image courtesy of Matt Clark