I've tried to resist creating groups of images based on their location because my photography isn't founded on where a photograph is taken. However where the Lake District is concerned there is little doubt in my mind that it is the single most important and beautiful of the National Parks we have in Britain and so I have decided to make an exception.

Nowhere else is there such diversity in the geography and landscape, so much so I'm sure the Lakes has it's own weather system. Dramatic storm light can give way to violent rain or hail and back to bright sun, often within minutes of each other and equally throughout the year. This all delivers the backdrop for Britain's most spectacular landscape and probably the most stunning natural beauty we have the priviledge of enjoying in these islands.

At the point of creating this particular portfolio, I finally feel I have a collection of photographs that shows how Cumbria has spoken to me, a place I will continue to return to whenever I can. There is just no escaping its spell and captivating pull, hopefully you agree.