Stand and Breathe

There is nothing at all like English Woodland at dawn. In truth quiet forests used to intimidate me; the darkness of the bark, the sheer forboding collective scale that woodland can represent, the creaking of branches as they rub against each other in the breeze. It’s not an experience which is enjoyed by everyone maybe, perhaps built out of an irrational fear or instinct that was born in our genes a million years ago and never really entirely leaves our consciousness.

Over time not only have I learned to pack away the idea I may not be completely alone in woodland, I have positively embraced the concept that the forest is indeed very much alive. When I’m there, I become part of it, it’s my second home, my playground, somewhere I’m free to be and think, somewhere to connect with the earth and land again.

In An English Wood is a my attempt to capture that muted solitude, confident beauty and endless character that forests offer to us. I’m not sure it will ever be a series that can entirely have a beginning and an end, I certainly have no plan to stop taking in arboreal wonder, wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself.