Think of those places at the corner of the field, dank humid pools and waterholes, the dark green domiciles for nettle and insects. Unwanted, reviled and often avoided. Backwater is a series dedicated to shining a new light on these habitats, revealing their hidden beauty through the unseen spectrum of infrared…

My intention with Backwater was to create a series of photographs with atmosphere, presence, personality and an artistic character without the viewer immediately thinking they’ve seen it all before. The project has certainly been an incredibly rewarding experience, not least because there were no road miles involved in its making, ensuring it was an environmentally friendly venture, but because it forced me to consider my locale with entirely new eyes and purpose.

Setting myself the aim of truly connecting with my local landscape turned out to be an eye-opening and liberating experience and it’s certainly changed my views about what’s artistically possible from these anonymous habitats which are very often close by.All of the photographs in this collection were taken less than two miles from my home at the city limits of Coventry, drawn out from local spaces most people wouldn’t give a second glance to.

By selecting infrared as my intermediary in this series I hoped to uncover the unseen, unseen. Infrared has the ability to dramatically change the potential and interpretation of what’s in front of you, a gamut of light which the human eye is incapable of seeing, opening up additional artistic scenarios and possibilities. I’ve certainly enjoyed getting lost amongst the leaves, highlights, tonality and the basic imagination of it all, something I hope the viewer can feel too. Each subject is not only rendered in a unique way but is completely anonymous as to its location, giving nothing away, leaving you with what I believe is the essence and ethereal beauty of the subject in each photograph.