Haven’t done one of these for a while but with so much great work around I’ve seen recently, it’s time to put three more inspirational photographs front and centre again…

I’ve seen a lot of wonderful work in print lately with the Connected exhibition, not only on the walls but with the great portfolios and additional prints that Guy Aubertin, Mark Littlejohn, David Baker and Darren Ciolli-Leach brought along. It’s all finally tipped me into action so I’m currently spending a small fortune on paper, mounts, frames, packaging and branding in considerable effort to finally create some tangible end products. I’m also working on what I hope will be a very high quality portfolio presentation, more on that soon. It’s all pretty exhausting but I’m pleased I’m on the road, my first solo exhibition is finally guaranteed to follow sooner or later out of all of this – 2015 will finally be my ‘year of print’.

Events like the Connected Exhibition in Nottingham are wonderful social events. I only stopped talking to people while the uplifting talks from Mark Littlejohn and Lizzie Shepherd were in flight, I always soak up the inspiration, enthusiasm and ideas which are bubbling around – this is why I love the awards night at Landscape Photographer Of The Year for the same reason, it’s both a huge privilege and incredibly interesting to be around so many creative people.

So in the spirit of shining a light on some of my latest inspiration, here’s one or two of my Flickr favourites to have a gander at…

Photograph 1 – “Tree Of Pearls” by Colin Bell


I’m trying not to look like a stalker or star-struck groupie where Colin Bell’s photography is concerned, but he really doesn’t make it easy for me! Colin was also up in the Lake District while I was there over the Easter period and he came away with an enviable set of photographs once again. I’m trying to focus on showing some rather more artistic images in this feature and Tree Of Pearls one was an easy pick for me. It’s made by that big f/2.8 aperture of course, I love the fact there are still landscape photographers out there who are prepared to use narrow depth of field to their advantage in this way and it’s certainly something I would be doing myself too out in the field. The whole set Colin took at Hodge Close are quite wonderful – regardless of whatever he enters in Landscape Photographer Of The Year in 2015 he must be one of the favourites this year… More inspiration here

Photograph 2 – “Benacre Wood” by Matthew Dartford


I’m not sure it’s even fair to call Matthew Dartford ‘under-rated’, but he doesn’t seem to be a photographer who many people talk too much about or get too much airtime in magazines. He really should. In fact I’m going to stick my neck out and say that Matthew will win one of the major titles sooner or later because every single composition he produces emits mood, real quality and expertise in composition. A case in point is this seemingly relatively uncomplicated photograph of this tree – the light, thought, positioning and tones in the whole frame are sensational for me, when you can almost create a story out of such a subject you really are on another level. Matthew has a top draw Flickr Stream which I take regular delight in viewing, I’m immensely jealous of the quality of many of his images – he absolutely has the ‘eye’ for me that many will try to attain but fall well short of. See more of his wonderful work here.

Photograph 3 – “Untitled” by Alan Frost


There is absolutely something about this image which just holds my attention, I can’t entirely put my finger on it. As many of you will know, I’ve spent a great deal of time lately working on my Backwater project which involves a lot of standing over small pools of water working with reflections. This particular photograph from Alan is quite different though, I love the highlights on the stones around the edge of the puddle, while the toning and contrasts in the blacks are just superb to my eye. I’d love to see a massive print of this, it has a very arty feel and is definitely the sort of photograph which keeps hold of my attention every time I come back to look at it. Quite wonderful. You can see more of Alan’s thoughtful mono work on his website here.

I hope you enjoyed the selection again this month. More again soon no doubt…