In January Practical Photography Magazine contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in completing a video shoot which would be used on the magazine’s cover disc and website. It’s not something I’d done before so I thought it might be a genuinely interesting experience and I agreed. Having run my own workshops previously, you can’t be a shrinking violet in these situations so I figured it would probably be OK.

The brief was to head out to a local landscape where it would be challenging but not impossible to come up with some images from my back yard as it were, photographs which might prove in some way that landscape photography is not all about Scottish Mountains, iconic views of the Jurassic Coast or the wonder of the Lake District. Apparently they’re a fan of my work because I get a lot of local scenery in, which is true – I’ve thought about creating a project gallery on here before called Square Mile which would cover these sort of images close to home.

Anyway I picked a location I was at least familiar with – Brandon March in Warwickshire, though it has to be said it’s not exactly known for its stunning scenery. If nothing else it was a top experience, though it’s something you’d probably have to twist my arm to do again. There’s something about seeing and hearing yourself on video that I find somewhat cringeworthy though the production crew made it a great experience on what was a freezing day with some incredibly changeable conditions. The whole film is completely unscripted – I can’t tell you how much pressure it is trying to reel off something sensible in front of a group of expectant people and then bring home the bacon with some usable photography…

Here are some of the stills I managed to bag from the shoot, not bad for few hours in a single location under pressure I thought, one or two of them have even made their way onto my website…

Reed Heads

Storm Birch

Woodland Contrasts

Island Reflections

And here’s the magazine cover:

Practical Photography April 2015 copy