I was contacted relatively recently by the editor of Outdoor Photography Magazine who asked to carry out an interview for their series of landscape Photographers which has now been published in the May edition of the magazine.

One of the reasons I enjoy leading workshops so much is because you often get asked questions you’re not really expecting or haven’t thought about and in the same way being interviewed by a complete stranger about my approach and images is an opportunity to think a little differently about things. Having provided a good number of images for them to choose from, it’s also usually a complete surprise which ones are selected for print. Once again, an image I’d almost forgotten about from Ratcliffe Power Station in Nottinghamshire made the headline which made me go back and look at the rest of the set I took on that day.

Anyway, the interview is captured below though you might need a magnifying glass to read it! Regardless, it’s definitely something I would look forward to doing again soon and I’d like to thank the guys at Outdoor Photography for the opportunity which was a great honour.

outdoor photography May 2013