I was beside myself with excitement a few days ago when this dropped through my door because it’s finally happened – my first magazine cover ever, and it’s certainly a nice one from my point of view too. When Steve Watkins, editor of Outdoor Photography, asked me to write the June Learning Zone feature piece for this edition, he neglected to mention that the cover image might be in the offing too…

“Discover Art In Trees” the strap line proclaims, and I like that, it’s exactly how I like to think and how I hoped the piece would come across – I know Steve “gets” me so I was always going to be in good hands. We had a lovely conversation at The Photography Show at the NEC in March about a few things – he gave me a nice confidence boost at the time and he reinforced the path I’m currently on. To be considered in the same breath as some of the other photographers he mentioned bowled me over somewhat.

I put a lot of work into this particular piece, it all might feel instinctive going about each shoot and location as I do, but anyone who is set the considerable challenge of writing one of these extensive articles knows how difficult it is to structure your thoughts, stick to the guideline brief but most of all articulate something intelligent which people will hopefully find interesting and informative as well as pitch it at the level commensurate with the magazine’s usual audience. An awful lot to think about.

In addition to being on the cover, my photograph Speak To Me, Judges Choice at Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2014, is used as the lead image in this month’s magazine…

Outdoor Photography June 2015 p1 copy

Further in we launch into the feature piece with one of my personal favourites, Painting With Jack:

Outdoor Photography June 2015 p2 copy

The article covers everything from composition and filling the frame, my general approach to woodland, what I call ‘creating theatre’ and using light to your advantage, making the most with infrared and finally shooting in ‘messy’ woodland – a endless past-time of mine! Around 2000 words in total, I hope you all enjoy it…

Outdoor Photography June 2015 p3 copy

Outdoor Photography June 2015 p4 copy

Outdoor Photography June 2015 p5 copy

All in all, I’m incredibly happy with the final presentation and very grateful indeed for the faith Steve has shown in me lately. He’s also invited me to speak at the Patchings Art Festival on behalf of Outdoor Photographer, taking place next month, more details on that soon.