In the last couple of months quite a few of my small ambitions have come to fruition. I’ve appeared in Black+White Photography magazine (in the same issue as Michael Kenna no less!), Outdoor Photography magazine (with more to come there too), I was even filmed by Practical Photography of course, something which was an experience all of its own! Now, just in time for my birthday, a rather extensive interview feature has been published by On Landscape which fulfills another long-held ambition.

I must say I’ve been slightly over-whelmed by the volume of requests for my photography and words lately, I wonder if people will tire of hearing from me soon in various publications, especially as I know what else is already coming up on the horizon over the next couple of months! Seeing my name appear at On Landscape definitely marks a threshold moment though. I don’t downplay these things in my mind because it builds a sense of belonging to a community and receiving some recognition that the compositions I am producing are approaching a more meaningful contribution to the already crowded landscape photography world. When that recognition is coming from people I hugely respect then I know I’m doing something right and it gives me great heart to continue…

The whole interview can be seen by clicking here:

On Landscape Featured Photographer March 2015