Once again I’ve been fine tuning my equipment. For a long time I’ve accepted my own status quo and when I think about that it’s a bit odd really because it’s the opposite of who I am. I can’t sit still, I feel a compulsion to move on and evolve. What do I mean by that? Basically that my first choice DSLR in a Nikon D800E was the beginning and end of my requirements and my lens choices have very much followed that format. I’m not even sure how I ended up thinking like that.

Well I decided to break with that recently and I want to start doing more things with low light and also change my approach in not carrying a tripod everywhere, so I ordered a Nikon Df. The Df features exactly the same sensor found in Nikon’s low light marvel the D4 and has the potential to really open up some new shooting possibilities. It can take images at a staggering ISO 204,800, you wouldn’t want to put them on your website of course, but this overall high ISO capability is undoubtedly potentially very useful indeed. I finally have something that truly compliments my D800E by bringing me something different.

So why am I waffling about all of this in this particular blog? Well this month I’ve been looking at the darker side of photography, literally, and I’ve decided to feature three low light images in celebration of dark art…

So on with the show. All images are clickable to their original source on Flickr:

Photograph 1 – “A Beachside Residence” by Michael Marsh

michael marsh

I’ve followed Michael for many years on Flickr and he definitely has the eye for the unusual. Living in Kent there are a few opportunities to exploit his eye for the world and this image of the famous silver caravan at Dungeness does exactly that for me. Small accents of light in a frame can be ever so cool but the whole shape of this vehicle, that nostalgic Americanised throw-back feel and brooding sky makes for a top photograph. I’ve spent a lot of time down in Kent and it would be great to meet up with Michael one day but this makes me want to head out to Dungeness right now and see if I can bag something as enigmatic. Absolutely love it!

Photograph 2 – “Eaton Park Tree Line” by Matthew Dartford

matt dartford

This dynamite image from Matt is absolutely stuffed with atmosphere. The position of the lights in the frame couldn’t be any better and of course that low lying mist builds all of the drama needed. This is the sort of image I’ve visualised for myself for years and never found the opportunity to shoot it – in truth I’m super-jealous of a shot like this. Metering must have been a bit of a nightmare but there is just so much detail in the leaves that the viewer is left not wanting anything more. I’m very much attracted to landscape photographs that almost convey a story, so difficult in a split second to capture but the combination of trees, back-light and mist provides all of the essential ingredients making me want to look through the frame and keep coming back time and again. A top drawer piece of photography for sure.

Photograph 3 – “101108/593” by Chris Friel

chris friel

I knew it wouldn’t be long before there would be the right opportunity to showcase a Chris Friel image. Chris’s imagination and eye is like no other and his photography always demands attention. He’s provided me with so much inspiration to try things down the years, pack away your indecision and fear of rejection, Chris just puts it out there. You never really know what you’re going to get and this image is no different. The creatively titled 101108/593 (suggesting it was just about shot #600 on a day 6 years ago) could be anything. Such images are borderline nightmarish for me, it looks like a swan’s wing, but there are those foreboding chimneys and a blurred person (I think). I’ve no idea whether there are hidden meanings here and whether it’s a composite but it certainly has juxtaposition and holds my interest. You certainly can’t call it mainstream and I like that quirkyness. Interestingly, like Michael Marsh, he’s another photographer from Kent which is where my interest in his work originally came from. Top man too of course if you’re ever lucky enough to run into him…

I hope you enjoyed the selection again this month. More again soon…