Following a bit of experimentation recently with Multiple Exposure effects, I had a request from Amateur Photographer Magazine for them to complete an interview feature on me and the image below, which I’ve simply titled “Cotswold Trees”. I’ve been interviewed by Phil Hall before for a different piece, he’s a very easy guy to talk to and totally understands the creative process and it was a very enjoyable half hour or so.

I must say I was somewhat surprised when AP said they wanted to print this one across a double page, and although I often think that my images look best printed on the largest possible scale, this really was a bit of a left-field experiment for me. In truth I’m somewhat embarrassed that an image like this was picked out when others handle Multiple Exposure so much better than this in my view, but of course I’m never going to turn down quality exposure, especially when a magazine has once again approached me direct and they’re willing to pay a decent going rate…

Above all, it just goes to show you never really know who is following your images, that Flickr is very much alive and well (Phil disclosed the fact that he had been following my work on Flickr and had picked the image up there) and that creative approaches really do pay off.

Amateur Photographer May 2014