Once again a real pleasure to be contacted by one of the popular newstand magazines, this time Advanced Photographer for a special 8 page feature on Long Exposures.

Interestingly, the contact came a little while ago and to a degree I feel like I’ve moved away from that technique since then. All the same, it’s always an excellent feeling and sense of achievement to know that professional media want to use your work as an example to others, and as always seeing your own work in print makes some of the extraordinary effort in putting together a set of images all the more worthwhile.

Since this article was written I’ve given the Formatt Hitech Pro Stop filters a go and I can say without hesitation that Lee do indeed remain top of the pile. In particular there are unwanted colour casts in the grad filters of the Hitech kit which was a bitterly disappointing discovery to me, especially as others have rated them so highly. The biggest issue with Hitech is that as soon as you want to combine a grad with an solid ND filter you get all sorts of undesirable effects – Lee will continue to take my money as a result.

Anyway, the interview is captured below, though buying the magazine might actually mean you can read the words! I’d like to thank Will Cheung, editor of Advanced Photographer, for making such a great job of the piece because I’m very pleased indeed with this one…

Advanced Photographer Dec 2013 - 1

Advanced Photographer Dec 2013 - 2

Advanced Photographer Dec 2013 - 3

Advanced Photographer Dec 2013 - 4