During 2014 I took part in a weekly photography competition run by WEX Photographic (formerly Warehouse Express). I managed to win a couple of times and in doing so I earned a place in the final exhibition. The overall winner in 2014 was Lee Acaster, closely followed by Matthew Dartford, both of which I chat regularly to online and were both very worthy choices indeed based on their efforts.

It’s an oddball competition, it’s not something I’m following up with in 2015 mainly because it lacks structure – every week everything from landscapes to portraits to astro photography is in the mix and the winner is picked by someone at Wex. It’s just way too random, there’s no justification given for one choice over another, so it might as well be decided by which way the wind blows every week. It’s definitely a marketing tool…

Anyway, despite my criticism of it, and I take nothing away from Lee or Matt either, it’s still nice to be in the exhibition which runs from 30th January to 7th February at The Forum in Norwich. WEX also used one of my favourite images of 2014, Hathersage Hills Heather in their marketing which was great to see.

wex poty 2014 copy


Hathersage Hills Heather