It might seem like an odd thing to announce towards the end of 2014 but it only just came to my attention that I’ve previously been awarded five Honorable Mentions at the International Photography Awards 2012. I guess the email got lost somewhere along the way, but it was only by chance that someone pointed out this fact out to me recently.

IPA Certs 2012

I’m more than a bit annoyed because this was the 10th Anniversary of the awards, and getting any sort of acknowledgement from the IPA is highly prized and held in high esteem by photographers all over the world. Not for the first time this year, I’m elated and deflated all in one go! The reason for this for my deflation this time? Apart from finding out two years too late, these were some of my favourite images from that period no doubt and I thought they had been passed over. As such, I didn’t enter the competition again during 2013 and 2014 whereas I would most certainly have continued had I known about these awards… Lesson learned there somewhere to check more carefully next time, all five images received Honorable Mentions.

Arcadian a photograph from one of my favourite locations at Wells-Next-The-Sea:

Arcadian IPA

Fantastic Voyage one of my favourite images, taken at Deal in Kent:

Fantastic Voyage IPA

Soul Of The Building a photograph of my wife taken in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern in London just before we attended the Landscape Photographer Of The Year Awards in 2012:

Soul Of The Building IPA

Boy On The Beach another favourite of mine and some dramatic changing light on Dungeness beach in Kent:

Boy On The Beach IPA

Between Worlds a Tilt Shift long exposure and another taken on Wells-Next-The-Sea beach in Norfolk:

Between Worlds IPA