This post sets two auspicious records on this website in one go – I think it’s the longest title I’ve ever used since starting this blog and it also has the highest number of failed images I’ve ever put together in one place. Yes, all 25 of this year’s Landscape Photographer of the Year entries. That’s right, there’s absolutely nothing at all to see here…

So for the second year running the Take-A-View team have decided that there is not a thing, zilch, nada, zero, nil, sweet FA worthy whatsoever to shortlist from me. Forget any other possible stage, this lot is just low level dross. There’s no imagination or creativity, there’s no consideration for framing, composition, use of light, shadow, there are no textures, no camera craft, no effort, no artistry, no mystery, no sense of moment or mood, nothing abstract, original, remotely interesting or talented at all to show anyone. Just pass over this lot but be sure, absolutely sure, that you make no attempt to replicate any aspect of any of this because it will all just be consigned to the bin, where they belong.

The good news is it’s going to save me a small pile of cash every year because it was my last competition entry – and before you jump on anything you THINK you know, you won’t have seen me in anything else either. Outdoor Photographer Of The Year was first, not least since the selection of the ‘tree’ image as their winner, Amateur Photographer Of The Year quickly followed, a now fully commercial proposition which supports anything but amateur photography any more, and finally LPOTY is last in line, where Charlie thinks my last 75 entries are frankly shite. I’m not stupid, it’s time to stop funding these things, I’m on a total loser and there is clearly nothing at all compelling about what I’ve been spending my time doing. Their prerogative.

So here they are, all 25. Don’t even think for a moment to spend your hours creating anything like these… I have no further comment.

When Sky meets Land VIII

Backwater #74

First Leaf


Cotswold Winter

On The Shoulders Of Giants

North Of Wastwater

October Birth

When Sky Meets Land IV

The Mercury Pool

The Two Trees


Dawn Patrol

Angel’s Hair

Sunshine On Rydal


First Leaf #14

Storm Tail

Cotton Grass On Exmoor

Tumbling Light

Sand Abstract #3

Sand Abstract #1

Sand Angel

Faces Of July

Summer Storm